About Committee and Staff
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Committee and Staff/ 组委会和工作人员

2023 Chengdu Worldcon Organizing Committee Staff

1. The Chair Division:


Chen Shi

Ben Yalow             

Hongwei He

Honorary Co-chairs:

Haijun Yao

Xiaolan Liang

Vice Chairs: 

Tony Xia

Tina Wang

Sara Chen

He Huang

Feng Yang

Zhenyu Jiang

Yue Sun

Zi La

Dave McCarty

Donald Eastlake

Randall Shepherd 

2. Chair Support Division

Division Head: Tina Wang

3. WSFS Division

Division Head: Shi Chen, Ben Yalow

(1) Hugo Awards Selection Executive Department

Department Head: Pro. Zhenyu Jiang, Dave McCarty

(2) Business Meeting Executive Department

Department Head: Xue Yao, Donald Eastlake
Deputy Presiding Officer: Kevin Standlee

(3) 2025 Site Selection Department

Department Head: Joe Yao

Department Advisor: Tim Szczesuil

4. Programming Division

Division Head: Liu Yang


5. Convention Service Division

Division Head: Vacant


6. Member Service Division

Division Head: Sara Chen

7. Sponsorship and Branding Division

Division Head: Yuxi Tan


8. Artistic Design Division

Division Head: Yue Sun

9. Public Relationship Division

Division Head: Tony Xia

10. Publicity Production Division

Division Head: He Huang

11. North America, East Asia, Europe Agent

Division Head: Feng Yang