About Refunds and Transfers
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Refunds and Transfers/ 退款与转赠

Refunds and transfers

Worldcons sell memberships and admissions rather than tickets. There are a variety of memberships for the Chengdu Worldcon listed as follows:

l   Attending admissionss (for different age groups, location, and other discounts);

l   Virtual Attending admission, which allows you to participate remotely,

l   Supporting WSFS membership, which allows you to support the event and vote in the Hugo Awards and Site Selection.

l   Single/Multiple Day admissions, which let you attend the convention in person for one specified day.


Non refundable

The purchase of memberships and admissions at the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon is subject to the following terms and conditions:

l   All purchases are final and are not refundable.


l   Please carefully check the selected schedule information before purchasing.

l   Memberships may not be transferred or resold. Admissions may/may not be transferred.



Dates and times of the event are subject to change or cancellation and no such change shall entitle members to a refund except as set forth herein:

l   Where a membership or admission has been purchased in error (e.g. you accidentally buy two memberships when you only intended to buy one)

l   Where the wrong type of admission has been purchased in error (e.g. you buy an Adult admission when you intended to buy a Teen admission)

l   Where the convention made an error (e.g. we tell you that you do not yet have a membership and then find out that you did, in fact, have one.)

l   When a member passes away


In the first three cases above, we will refund in good faith, so long as we are notified of the request promptly (within seven days) of the error coming to light.