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A.  Airports

a. Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport is located in the southwestern suburb of Chengdu. It has opened 349 routes, including 228 domestic ones, 121 international (regional) ones and 18 international routes via domestic transit. The airlines are accessible to all five continents. he airport enjoys convenient transportation nearby, as various transfer options are available, such as taxi, airport line, airport long-distance bus, intercity high-speed rail, subway, scenic express bus, and airport bus.The airport expressway is connected to the city and you can go straight to the urban area by airport bus, subway or bus.

Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport Transportation

1. Airport bus: Line 1 is Airport - Renmin South Road 2nd Section (Minshan Hotel); Line 2 is Airport-Chengdubei Railway Station (via Tianfu Square in the city center); and Line 3 is Airport-Chengdudong Railway Station. There is also night airport line. The fare varies from 10 yuan to 17 yuan.


2. Intercity high-speed rail: The station is located at the -2F (B2) at L3 corridor of the T2 terminal building, which can reach all major cities around the city.


3. Metro: The entrance and exit of Metro Line 10 are respectively located at the arrival floor (1F) of the T1 terminal building and -2F (B2) of the T2 terminal building. Currently, there are 6 stations open, and passengers can change to the Metro Line 3 and Line 7 at Taipingyuan Station.


4. Bus: There are S21, 826, S15, S84 and S22 in the daytime, and S09 in the nighttime.


Contact028-85205555/85206150(Airport VIP Service)85206200 (search for lost item)


b. Chengdu Tianfu International Airport

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport is located in Lujia Town, Jianyang, East High Tech Zone, Chengdu, about 50 km away from Tianfu Square (Chengdu City Center). It is the largest civil transport hub airport project. It is built as the national and international aviation hub of Chengdu and one of the highest level airports in the Silk Road Economic Belt. It is planned to operate most international flights of Chengdu, and serves as a "first-class international and domestic airport" airport. Phase I project of the airport is designed to meet the target of having an initial capacity of 40 million passengers, 70,000 tons of cargo and mail throughput and 30,000 aircraft take-off and landing by 2025. This new airport has built two terminals and three runways, and its grade of the flight area is 4F, and the total aircraft spaces are 210. In the long-term project, three more runways will be built. The total area of the airport terminal is 719,600 square meters, meeting the annual passenger throughput demand of 90 million people.

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Transportation

1. Airport bus: Line 1 is Airport - Chunxi Road; Line 2 is Airport - Chengdu East Railway Station. The night airport line is Airport - Chunxi Road. The night interval line is Chengdu East Passenger Transportation Center - Airport.


2. Metro: Line 18 has Tianfu Airport Terminal 1&2 Station and Tianfu Airport North Station at Chengdu Tianfu International Airport. The line run at 180 km/h, and it takes only 30 minutes from Chengdu city to the airport.


3. High-speed railroad: Chengdu - Tianfu Airport - Zigong high-speed railroad has a passenger station at the Airport. From Tianfu Airport Station, the  high-speed railway can directly reach four cities, namely Chengdu, Ziyang, Neijiang and Zigong.


4. PRT and APM: The PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) system of the airport is 3km long, which is an important tool to connect the terminal building to the remote parking lot, and is the first airport PRT project in Asia, and the second airport personal rapid transit line in the world.


The airport also has an APM (Automated People Mover System) system between T1 and T2, with six stations located on the B2 level of the basement of T1 and T2. The APM trains are 13 meters long, each carriage can carry 60-70 passengers in a single trip, and are fully automated.

B. Train

The city has several railway stations, such as Chengdu Railway Station, Chengdu East Railway Station, and Chengdu South Railway Station, where high-speed trains or bullet trains are bound for all parts of the country.


1. Chengdu Railway Station

Located in Jinniu District, Chengdu Railway Station is a special-grade railway station for passenger transportation. It is a comprehensive transportation hub integrating railway, metro, bus, long-distance bus and other transportation means. Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Baoji-Chengdu Railway, Chengdu-Kunming Railway, Dazhou-Chengdu Railway, and Chengdu-Dujiangyan Fast Railway meet here. The station has a single South Square and a total of 6 platforms and 12 rails. In addition, you can also transfer to 2 metro lines, 21 bus lines, and 37 long-distance bus lines at Chengdu Station.


2. Chengdu East Railway Station

Located in Chenghua District of the city, Chengdudong Railway Station is also a comprehensive transportation hub integrating railway, rail, passenger transportation, bus and other transportation means. With a total of 14 platforms and 26 rails, the station is connected with Huhanrong Fast Railway and Xi’an-Chengdu High-Speed Railway at the north end, and Chengdu-Chongqing High-speed Railway and Chengdu-Guizhou Railway at the south end. It has direct access to major provincial capital cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Lanzhou, Xi’an, Chongqing, Guiyang, and Kunming.


3. Chengdu South Railway Station

Chengdu South Railway Station is responsible for the operation of Chengdu-Kunming Railway and Chengdu-Mianyang-Leshan intercity railway. Leshan and Mount Emei can be reached from it. Chengdu metro Line 1 and Line 7 have stations here.


4. Chengdu West Railway Station

Chengdu West Railway Station is the starting station of the sichuan-Tibet Railway in the future. Now Ya’an can be reached from it. Chengdu metro Line 4 has a station here.

C. Long-distance Bus

Chengdu is the largest road hub in the southwest of China, and has many long-distance passenger stations. 


1. Beimen (North Gate) Bus Station

There are buses bound for the east and north of Sichuan, to Nanchong, Bazhong, Dazhou and other places. (Under renovation, out of service)


2. General Bus Station (Wugui Bridge Bus Station)

It is mainly sent to Chengdu-Chongqing and Neiyi along the highway, which includes Chongqing, Yibin, Zigong, Nanning, Guilin, Fuling, etc.


3. International Business Market Bus Station

Mainly bound for Chengdu-Chongqing line, the south of Sichuan, east of Sichuan.


4. New South Gate Station (Chengdu Tourist Bus Center)

It is mainly bound for the surrounding areas of Chengdu, as well as famous scenic spots and earthquake sites in Sichuan.


5. Chadianzi Bus Station

Mainly to the Tibetan areas in the west and north of Sichuan and some famous scenic spots.


6. Zhaojuesi Bus Station

It is mainly bound for the northern part of Sichuan.


D. Metro

At present, 12 metro lines and 333 stations are operating, with total line length of 518.96 km. Chengdu became the first city in China to open five new subway lines at one time, and with the fastest subway mileage exceeding 500 kilometers in China, officially becoming the "fourth city" of domestic rail transit.


Chengdu Metro adopts the mileage pricing system. The one-way fare ranges from 2 RMB to 7 RMB and supports three types of ticket purchase methods - cash, e-payment and stored value card. If you stay longer, you may consider applying for a TianfuTong Card. There are three kinds of TianfuTong Card - ordinary card, student card and seniors card. It can be used by a single person pulling out of a station in limited time without being taken away. The card can be recharged repeatedly but not reported for loss. Among them, the ordinary card allows billing at a 10% discount of the basic fare.


E.  Bus

Chengdu has a very mature bus system, including gasoline ones and electric ones, all air-conditioned. The fare is 2 RMB, which can be paid by cash, by TianfuTong card or by mobile phone. There is more convenient BRT, which currently has several lines KI, K2, K1A, K2A, without traffic lights and being blocked by private cars and taxis. However, the BRT is only available along the Second Ring Road, which is suitable for tourists to destinations closer to the Second Ring Road. Apply for TianfuTong card, you can get half off the ticket, free transfer within two hours. A deposit of twenty yuan is required, and a receipt is required to return the card.


F. Taxi     

Taxi fares in Chengdu start at 8 yuan, including 2 kilometers, then 1.9 yuan/kilometer, and 2.85 yuan/kilometer for 10 to 60 kilometers. Night fare(23:00-6:00) starting price is 9 yuan, including 2 km, then 2.2 yuan/km, 10 km to 60 km 3.3 yuan/km.