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Halloween works recommended
发布时间:2022-10-31 13:43来源:科幻协会


“A Night in the Lonesome October Novel”, By Roger Zelazny, Representative works "King of Light" and "Amber Zhi", “masters of science fiction and fantasy”, tell such a Halloween story:

If Halloween coincides with a full moon, some kind of ceremony can be used to open the door to another world and bring back the old ruler of the Cthulhu Mythos. In October 1887, famous characters from various speculative literature have joined the game. Detective Holmes and Watson, Jack the Ripper, Frankenstein, Count Dracula, Jill the Witch, etc. They will be divided into two factions to compete. The open-door faction will bring disaster to the world, while the closed-door faction will defend human civilization. These powerful figures will fight against London on Halloween night.


“Mexican Gothic”,By Silvia Moreno-Garcia,Canadian Mexican writer, Representative works "Velvet is the night". 

Noamie, the protagonist of the story, is a rich girl in Mexico City. Her cousin lives with her husband in a foreign husband's family. My husband's family used to be very rich silver miners, but after the Mexican Revolution in 1910, the silver mine was closed, and its glory was no longer. But they still own a luxurious manor deep in the mine, but they seldom go out, which is very strange. Recently, her cousin wrote that she was in trouble, and the words in the letter could convey her worrying mental state. So Noamy went to visit. What problems will she find in the mysterious Doyle Manor?


The Graveyard Book, Also known as "Boy in the Cemetery", by Neil. Gaiman, famous British science fiction and fantasy writer, whose representative works are American Gods, Good Omens and Smoke and Mirror).

We usually think of the cemetery as a grim place, but in this work, Neil Gaiman unexpectedly writes it as a place full of warmth and love. In the story, the ghosts living in the cemetery are very kind. A baby who survived the massacre accidentally appeared in the cemetery, and the ghost raised him, named Nobody, and taught him all kinds of magic. In the cemetery, nobody became a blooming flower of life. After growing up, nobody will bid farewell to the warmth of the cemetery and home, move towards the distant future and face the challenges of life. In this process, we will find that, compared with good ghosts, there are living people who are very evil.