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About the 2023 Chengdu WorldCon Theme Exhibition

1. Background

The theme exhibition is a recurring staple of the event of the Chengdu WorldCon. It is an excellent platform for global sci-fi fans to experience sci-fi culture, communicate and showcase the world’s cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements. It also provides the sci-fi industry with unique opportunities for exhibition and transaction. This year’s event will kick off in Chengdu and highlight the symbiotic relationship between science fiction and the city, the vision of infinite future possibilities, technological innovations, and the popularization of science. It will initiate worldwide activities of exchange and trading centering on the leading role of the science fiction industry chain in important fields such as culture and technology.

II. Exhibition Overview

Theme: The Symbiosis Era

Time: October 18-22, 2023

Location: 1F, Chengdu Science (Science Fiction) Museum

Area: 5,500 m2

III. Sections

(I) Science fiction industry

1. Science fiction life: biomaterials, AI-based category, intelligent transportation category, digital life category, etc.;

2. Science fiction art: graphical category (illustrations), installation category (artworks), etc.;

3. Sci-fi film & TV: Sci-fi film & TV works (drama, music, etc.);

4. Science fiction publication: fiction, periodicals, comics, etc.;

5. Science fiction games: game products with science fiction themes, etc.;

6. Science fiction popularization: popularization of science fiction and science knowledge;

7. Science fiction cultural tourism: science fiction IP scene restoration, immersive space, metaverse space, etc.

(II) Science fiction fans & communities

Science fiction hobbies, fan magazines, garage kits, community roadshows, etc.


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Table 1: 2023 Chengdu WorldCon Theme Exhibition - Registration Form for Enterprises (Institutions)

Table 2: 2023 Chengdu WorldCon  Theme Exhibition - Registration Form for Science Fiction Fans (Communities)


Contact: Ms. Wu: 18116563659, Ms. Zhou: 18328664152

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