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Rates FAQ
Rates FAQ
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Q: What is special for the fees plan of 2023 Chengdu Worldcon?
A: We have set up a pre-packaged five-day on-site admission pass bundle, which does not include WSFS MEMBERSHIP rights (Hugo nominating/voting, site selection voting). It is not a full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP. This is designed mainly to attract more young fans from our local community who are not familiar with Worldcon system but enthusiastic about science fiction and fantasy genre. You can also consider it as an introduction gateway to the Worldcon community. We will be offering Single-Day Admission passes next year, starting from July 1st, 2023.
Q: Is WSFS Membership required to buy the in-person five-day admission package?

A: No, WSFS membership is not a requirement to buy the in-person admission package, but if you buy both, you’ll be given a full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP.

The same applies to Online Admission. Just remember, to “attend Worldcon activities” with an “admission” does not grant you WSFS rights or ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP status.

Q: How to upgrade to a WSFS MEMBERSHIP?
A: If you bought a 2023 Advance Supporting Membership from DC3, you don’t have to do anything to upgrade. Not matter you voted or not for the 2023 Site Selection, no matter which city you voted, you automatically have WSFS MEMBERSHIP, and you have been given a full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP for free, both in-person and online attending.
Q: What rights do people who voted for Site Selection at DisCon III have?
A: People who voted for Site Selection at DisCon III, including people voted on-site without a DC token, have been given WSFS membership plus In-person Admission.
Q: What rights do people who bought 2023 advance Supporting Memberships but didn’t vote?
A: The same rights as people who voted, WSFS membership plus In-person Admission.
Q: The above situations do not apply to me. How to obtain a full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP?

A: If you are a first time Worldcon attendee in 2023, you need to pay $50 to obtain a WSFS MEMBERSHIP, and pay another $50 to obtain the IN-PERSON FIVE-DAY ADMISSION. So you will need to pay $100 to have full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP.

If you are NOT a first-timer, WSFS rate is $50, and the five-day admission is $70. So you will pay a total of $120 to have ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP.

If you are a student, 12-year-old to the end of postgraduate studies, with a valid student ID, you can get the student discount. Student ID will be required when purchasing and picking up your badge. If you are also a first time attendee, then the student discount fits you better, which is $50 for WSFS MEMBERSHIP, and $30 for the admission package.

Q: Who are eligible for the First Worldcon discount?
A: The First Worldcon discount is for adults who have not attended any Worldcon in person before. Note that if you only had a Supporting Membership in DC (or another) Worldcon, you are still eligible for the First Worldcon discount.
Q: If I want to take part in Site Selection for 2025 Worldcon, what will be the requirement?
A: You will need to buy an Advance Supporting Membership in 2025. This will likely be about $50. We will announce it later according to the WSFS Constitution.
Q: If I only bought In-Person Admission package or Day-passes, will I have the right to attend the Business Meeting?
A: No. Only WSFS members will have the right to attend the Business Meeting and vote.
Q: If I bought In-Person Admission package, can I still attend the convention online?
A: Yes. The in-person admission package will also allow the holder to attend the convention online.
Q: What are included with a WSFS Membership?

A: Being a WSFS member of the Worldcon gives you the right to participate in the ongoing WSFS activities of the Worldcon. So, the WSFS MEMBERSHIP rights include:

1) The Hugo Awards nomination in 2023 Worldcon and 2024 Worldcon;

2) The Hugo Awards voting in 2023;

3) 2023 Chengdu Worldcon Business Meeting voting rights (on-site);

4) Opportunity to purchase Advanced Membership to vote in 2023 Chengdu Worldcon for 2025 site selection.

The fact that you have read through this whole thing means you are a real fan! So if you still have questions, please let us know!

1. The currency is in US dollars.

2. Major credit cards will be accepted.

3. For Full ATTENDING MEMBERSHIP status, you need to combine a WSFS MEMBERSHIP and one choice of admission rights.