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Venue/Chengdu Science Museum (Tentative Name) 

Chengdu Science Fiction Museum covers an area of about 138 acres, the main building has three floors, with a total construction area of 59,600 square meters, with about 42,000 square meters of above-ground buildings and 17,600 square meters of underground buildings. It is expected to reach the completion and acceptance conditions on August 30 this year, and finish the exhibition of the World Science Fiction Convention. By then, science fiction fans from all over the world will witness the birth of the 2023 Hugo Awards here.

The building shape extracts the most representative cultural concept elements of "Jinsha" and "Sanxingdui", and adopts honeycomb aluminum and glass curtain wall to fully display the sense of technology and future of the building through the metallic luster of the aluminum and the transparency of the glass.

Among them, the roof adopts the form of metal roofing, and the middle of the roof is designed with a glass light roof "Science Fiction Eye", which covers an area of 1382 square meters, signifying the age of the universe of 13.82 billion years, and when entering the hall, you will face to the "science fiction eye", and you can look up at the universe to express the aspiration of human beings to science fiction and cosmic exploration. The photovoltaic glass is set at the big platform to improve the energy-saving effect of the building while interpreting the gold leaf intention of ancient Shu culture and realizing the dialogue with modern science fiction culture through the millennium.

As the main venue of the World Science Fiction Convention, the World Science Fiction Park project is designed with a total area of about 1,314 acres, highlighting the characteristics of "science fiction" , adopting "ancient Shu culture" and "landscape features" .They are forming into a park with ancient Shu style. "On the other hand, it will combine with related science fiction IP works to create immersive scenes and interactive projects and a platform to showcase important science fiction works, " trying to create a world science fiction park that never ends.