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The 83rd Worldcon Site Selection is Now Open
发布时间:2023-08-17 11:30来源:科幻协会

From Washington, D.C. to Chengdu, from Chicago to Glasgow, for more than 80 years, the anticipation and support of sci-fi fans have propelled the World Science Fiction Convention to leave its marks in different cities. The 2023 Chengdu Worldcon is coming, and according to the WSFS Constitution, the site for the 83rd  Worldcon will be selected during the convention.

The Committee of Chengdu Worldcon officially opens the voting channel for the site selection of the 83rd Worldcon. Members who have successfully purchased WSFS memberships and voting rights through the official website of the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon can participate by submitting your electronic ballots via email or by mailing paper ballots.

Eligible members can send your completed electronic ballots in PDF format to the email address of the 2025 Site Selection Administrator ( before October 7, 2023, 8 am China Standard Time (CST, UTC+8)/October 6, 2023, 5 pm Pacific Standard Time (PST, UTC-7).All the ballots will be printed, folded, sealed, and brought to the convention venue for counting by the Administrator. Members can also vote by mailing your completed paper ballots to the provided address before October 6, 2023, China Standard Time (CST, UTC +8).

On-site voting will take place during the 2023 Chengdu Worldcon, from October 18 to October 20, 2023. Eligible members can visit the "Site Selection Voting" booth at the convention, where the staff will verify your membership information. Then members can purchase voting rights by credit cards, WeChat or Alipay, and proceed to cast the votes. If you are unable to attend the convention in person, you can also entrust the ballot to the designated attendee to vote on your behalf.

For more details, please refer to the 2025 Site Selection Voting Instructions.


*Note: If you are to vote on someone’s behalf, you are also required to purchase a WSFS membership and voting right.