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Eastern Fantasy: A Metaverse Sci-Fi Fest
发布时间:2022-06-08 19:56来源:科幻协会

Eastern Fantasy: A Metaverse Sci-Fi Fest

 Final Show of the Institute of Media & Interaction Design, School of Design and Innovation, China Academy of Art

 Inauguration Pre-Ceremony of Taishan Fantasy Culture Conference & Penglai SF Academy, Taishan College of Science and Technology



June 2, 2022





10:00-10:15 Opening Ceremony

Wang Jinkang: Opening Speech

Li Yijun: Host

10:15-11:30 Exhibition Guide (co-creation of literature, art and design)

13:00-14:00 Metaverse Music Show

14:00-17:30 Forum (first release of the trailer)

       Wu Yan: Opening Speech

       Lucia Luo, Yu Tongzhou: Host



Institute of Media & Interaction Design, School of Design and Innovation, China Academy of Art

Penglai SF Academy, Taishan College of Scienceand Technology







THEME: Art Utopia

Based on the logic of "distributed narrative", the exhibition integrates the Autoteatro in the West and the Murder Mstery game in China, trying to expand the connotation of Eastern fantasy aesthetics.



We are in the midst of an accelerating roller, and everything is teetering like a monstrous flood. A "news" report revealed an unexplained arrival of a spiritual crisis. The cultural theorist Byung-Chul Han argues that we attach today to the vita activa is producing a crisis in sense of time.  Han argues that we can overcome this crisis only by revitalizing the vita contemplativa and relearning the art of lingering.

In the face of nothingness, some people lie down and others rise up, while the artist contemplate at life and reproduce the "Aura" of art.

"Aura" (digital bards) came to this new and unfamiliar metaverse world for the exploration of the "Art Utopia" exhibition. Through contact with the exhibits, you will understand: this is actually the another world "Art Topia" scattered in the real world. Fragments of civilization, entrusting artists with inspiration and creating works of different styles and forms. As the adventure deepens, it will be discovered that "art utopia" is actually an information space connecting multiple universes.



Metaverse Music Show

THEME: Space Exploration & Metaverse

It expresses the music creators' vision for the future of human beings in the two survival modes of "Space Exploration & Metaverse". It is a performance with music creation as the carrier and the metaverse conference as the stage.



THEME: Future of Storytelling & Storytelling of Future

From the Web 1.0 era of uniting the world, to the interactive Web 2.0 era, and now entering the intelligent and distributed Web 3.0 era, the narrative continues to undergo media changes, showing the distribution form, multi-directional structure, content De-authorization, intelligence, co-intelligence and other characteristics.

In the multiple blending areas of art and technology, literature and science, there is a widespread phenomenon of "distributed narrative": each element of a story is systematically distributed on various channels and platforms to serve the story with its maximum benefit. For example, the novel provides the world setting, the game allows the audience to actively explore, the social media platform constructs the virtual space of the characters, and the audio and video assists in the presentation, and organizes a complete narrative framework through different network structures.

With the rise of future media and extended technologies such as mixed reality and alternative reality, narrative texts in the era of digital technology are undergoing a media transformation. "Distributed narrative" also refers to a narrative that cannot be experienced in a single time and space, emphasizing ubiquity The immersive narrative behind it may represent a shift in narrative paradigm and intervention logic, as well as connections in aesthetic form and emotional flow.

This event invites sci-fi writers, artists, scholars, musicians, theater directors, representatives of technology companies and other cross-disciplinary people to explore the difference between the fantasy of artists and writers under the assumption of the future narrative and narrative future of "distributed narrative" The definition also poses a manifesto-style question on the fusion of these two fantasies, aiming to release the "Artist + Science Fiction Writer" cooperation platform and its works, and inspire the collision and turning of cross-industry thinking in science fiction, literature, and design.




14:00-14:05 Trailer Broadcast

14:05-14:10 Opening SpeechWu Yan (Professor of Southern University of Science and Technology, Vice Chairman of China Popular Science Writers Association)

14:10-14:15 Host: Yu Tongzhou (Deputy Director of the Institute of Media & Interaction Design, School of Design & Innovation, China Academy of Art)

14:15-14:35 Ma Haiping (the First Chinese Electronic Musician to Release Records in the Birthplace of Techno)

14:35-14:55 Agnes Lam (Associate Professor, University of Macau)

14:55-15:15 Yang Ping (Science Fiction Writer, the Ancestor of Chinese cyberpunk)

15:15-15:30 Virtual Coffee Break

15:30-15:50 Host: Lucia Luo (Writer, Dean of Penglai SF Academy)

15:50-16:10 Wang Weilian (Writer, Associate Professor of Sun Yat-sen University)

16:10-16:30 Samuel Lepoil (Creative Director for Immersive Content)

16:30-16:50 Wang Zhe (President of Meitu Aesthetics Research Institute)

16:50-17:30 Q & A



Yu Tongzhou, Lucia Luo



Wang Jinkang (one of The Four Heavenly Kings of Chinese Science Fiction)

Wang Zhe, Xu Jun, Ma Haiping, Duanmuqi, Yang Ping

Bing Yin, Cheng Bin, Cheng Peng, Guo Lei, Guo Qi, Li Siwei, Lu Chen, Wang Zhipeng, Zhang Chen




Instructor of Role Playing Detective Game: You Zhe, Wan Peng

Design Team: Xu Jinxian, Chen Xi, Chen Shiying, Dong Xiaoao, Lu Yiyu, Wang Yidan

Script Team: Mao Wenjing, Qi Haoyu, Yue Zicheng, Liu Jiayao, Zhao Jiajia, Xing Yingqi, Li Mengmeng, Yang Chang




Cai Hangjie, Cao Jiajun, Cao Ying, Cao Zhangying, Chen Shiying, Chen Xi, Chen Yuqing, Cheng Yuting, Ding Yuyao, Dong Xiaoao, Dong Yifan, Fei Yanyan, Feng Tianbai, Feng Xun, Fu Qing, Han Wenjing, Hou Shaokang, Hu Qinyuan, Hu Yunfei , Huang Yan, Ji Jingjing, Kang Yuting, Li Chengzhao, Li Siyuan, Lin Chunyu, Lin Qinyi, Lin Shijun, Liu Xiaoduo, Long Yuxuan, Lou Xiaoqian, Lu Yiyu, Ma Yiming, Mei Jiangyun, Meng Zhengliang, Pan Wenxi, Sheng Sheng, Shi Shuhui, Shu Yang , Sun Jia, Wang Lei, Wang Rui, Wang Ruisi, Wang Yanan, Wang Yidan, Wu Junxi, Wu Ruihan, Wu Yujia, Wu Zhehang, Xiong Si, Xu Jiayi, Xu Jing, Xu Shuhao, Xu Yixiang, Xue Chenfei, Yan Jingdan, Yang Chang, Yang Ruiyuan, Yang Shu Qi, Ye Zhang Keyu, Ye Zhiyu, Ye Zhuhong, Zhang Ziyang, Zhang Xinwen, Zhao Mandi, Zheng Lin, Zhou Jiangyi, Zhou Kehan, Zhu Guanhao, Zhu Linxuan, Zhu Yifei



Lucia Luo, Yang Ping, You You, Mao Wenjing, Zhao Jiajia, Xing Yingqi



School of Design and Innovation, China Academy of Art

School of Design&Innovation has three majors including art and technology, industrial design and digital media art. It opens up a new mechanism of combing talents, teaching, management and education. It aims for developing a “New Bauhaus”based on big data, and intelligent media, with the ideology of “facing the future, society, reform and integration”to make a pool of global resources on design education.The school has five research institutes with core value of bringing up students’ aesthetics, independent thinking on social issues, learning capability of technology and innovative ability.


Penglai SF Academy, Taishan College of Scienceand Technology

With Youthful, Avant-garde, Exquisite as our key concepts. The literary genres we focus on encompass Fantasy, SF, legend fiction, supernatural tales, and Magic Realism. Meantime, to take advantage of our multidisciplinary and international background, the academy integrates different art forms (fiction, new media art, script game, music, film, stage play etc.) into its innovative teaching practices. We aims to expand the inclusive cultural imagination with a distinct Eastern aesthetic through both creative and academic collaborations.